The main precautions for the truck not to run out of battery power on the road

Because most of today's truck fleets work with a two-battery system to meet energy demands, this means that the driver has to be very careful not to run out of either one or, in extreme cases, both batteries.

Ways to know when the truck battery is running out

Imagine the following situation: the driver parks his truck overnight for a well-deserved rest, and when he wakes up, he tries to start it, but the engine won't start. Well, this is a problem that I am sure many have experienced. Because most of the current truck fleet works with a system formed by two batteries to meet the energy demands, this means that the driver must pay extra attention not to run out of one of them, or in extreme cases, both. To avoid situations like this, it is important to pay attention to the signs given by the battery that its useful life is coming to an end, because in the middle of the route it can be difficult (and expensive) to find a professional to replace it. The most common and clear sign is the one mentioned above, when the engine does not start, especially on cold days. Usually related to the battery, this problem can be indicative of some other situation, regardless of this, it is a sign that something is not right. Failures in the electronic devices, weaker headlights and lights, and, of course, the warning triggers on the light panel are other factors that can indicate a battery problem. The only way to confirm the problem is to perform a test using a hydrometer, which will measure the electric current in the battery. If the value is below the standard stipulated by the manufacturer, it may be that the battery is already at its charge limit. The most practical and guaranteed way to perform the test is with the help of a professional during a complete overhaul of the truck.

7 precautions to save battery life As we talked about at the beginning, the driver's behavior and how he treats the battery has a lot of impact on its durability. For this reason we've separated some tips on how to save and increase battery life. Check them out:

1- Do not turn on accessories before starting: The greatest moment of energy discharge in the engine is during the start, for this reason what is known as "peak start" occurs. Each of the devices that is turned on at this time will increase this peak, leaving an even greater discharge of energy. Therefore, when starting the engine, make sure you have the lights, radio, or any other accessory turned off.

2 - Be careful with the accessories installed: The components added to the trucks, especially the accessories, have a great influence on the battery life. Extra lights, GPS, cell phone chargers, and other such items must be used carefully so they don't overload the system, which ends up reducing the battery's durability. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to use them moderately, especially when the truck is turned off and other energy consumers, such as air conditioning and lighting, are being used. Another very important care that must be taken is when buying these devices. Always opt for those approved by the assembler or those with the Inmetro seal of approval.

3. Attention to prolonged stops: The truck's equipment and accessories continue to pull some energy passively, even when it is turned off, the well-known stand-by mode. Therefore, if the truck will be stopped for a long time, the ideal is to disconnect the battery in this period or turn off the truck's main switch.

4. Periodical reviews: This is an essential part of preventive maintenance and of the conservation of the truck as a whole, especially for those who use it for work. In the case of batteries, the state of the cables, harnesses, connectors, and several other items directly influence their durability. The revisions serve then to leave the entire electrical system of your truck up to date, helping in the conservation of the battery and safety as a whole.

5. Do not turn off the engine during traffic jams On the roads, traffic jams are frequent, either because of accidents, landslides, blitz, or simply because of the intense flow of vehicles. As tempting as it may be to turn off the engine in these situations to save fuel, it is not the recommended option. As we explained previously, the moment of greatest demand for electricity from the truck is precisely when the engine starts. As the movement in these stretches ends up being short, the alternator cannot supply the repeated starts, leading to battery exhaustion.

6. Use only original parts: They are tested and approved by the assembler itself, being the only ones with guaranteed functioning and efficiency parameters, besides having the appropriate dimensions for the truck model. This avoids energy loss and damage or overloads in the components, which can damage the battery or even cause fire.

7. Using IGA Smart Solar Our all-in-one integrated solution equipment works to not let the truck's batteries run out of charge. With our technology, the device is able to identify the energy consumption and gauge when the truck is consuming the load unnecessarily, besides optimizing and equalizing the battery charges, bringing energy efficiency to the whole system. Through these processes, our system avoids overcharging and preserves battery longevity, eliminating starting problems due to lack of charge. In addition to these benefits, the IGA Smart Solar has solar panels capable of generating energy, charging the batteries, and powering the truck's main service components. A clean energy system that, besides helping in the vehicle's energy management, also reduces the emission of pollutants in the environment.

Another important factor of our equipment is the safety provided. With coupled sensors, it is capable of detecting collisions and rollovers in 50ms intervals if necessary, interrupting the battery supply to the system before a short circuit occurs, avoiding fires. Learn more about IGA Smart Solar by clicking here.

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  • The main precautions for the truck not to run out of battery power on the road
  • Because most of today's truck fleets work with a two-battery system to meet energy demands, this means that the driver has to be very careful not to run out of either one or, in extreme cases, both batteries.
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  • How to know if a truck's battery is running out
  • The largest current fleet of trucks works with a system consisting of two batteries to meet energy demands, which means that the driver must pay extra attention so that there is no depletion in any of them, or, in extreme cases, of both.
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