IGA Smart is the solution in energy efficiency for cargo vehicles.
This equipment has a collision and rollover sensor that interrupts the battery supply to the system, preventing the occurrence of fire.
  • Battery
    Optimizes and equalizes battery charges.
  • General Automatic
    Prevention of problems due to lack of battery.
  • Solar
    It charges the batteries and powers the main components of the vehicle.
  • Increases battery life
  • Avoids problems caused by the "bridging" procedure
  • Charges the batteries even when the vehicle is off
  • Powers the main cab components
  • Display indicating the individual charge of the batteries
  • The main precautions for the truck not to run out of battery power on the road
  • Because most of today's truck fleets work with a two-battery system to meet energy demands, this means that the driver has to be very careful not to run out of either one or, in extreme cases, both batteries.
  • 7 precautions before putting the truck on the road
  • Putting the truck on the road requires several precautions beforehand to avoid problems and ensure the driver's safety. Check in our text some of the components that you can not fail to analyze before starting.
  • The benefits of solar power for trucks.
  • Air conditioner, refrigerator, lights, cell phone charger. More and more trucks have accessories available to make the trip more comfortable. The downside of all this is the high battery consumption that these items end up generating. But what if there was an alternative to this? Learn more about the benefits of solar energy for your truck.
  • Do you know the cost of truck downtime?
  • When idle, the truck is not only unprofitable, but can even end up creating losses for both the driver and the company. But do you know the real cost that this downtime can generate?
  • How to know if a truck's battery is running out
  • The largest current fleet of trucks works with a system consisting of two batteries to meet energy demands, which means that the driver must pay extra attention so that there is no depletion in any of them, or, in extreme cases, of both.
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